Kaylan | Maternity | 04.2012 {Houston Maternity/Newborn Photographer}

Kaylan emailed me about a week ago asking me if I would photograph her maternity pictures. She mentioned that she had been following my blog ever since I wrote a post about her cousin, Sarah. For my avid followers, you will remember that Sarah was a dear, dear friend of mine who passed away last February of cancer. I was so touched that Kaylan chose to continue reading my blog after I wrote that post. And even more touched that because of her following my blog, she asked me to capture such a precious moment in her and her husband’s life – bringing in new life into this world.

What a sweet, sweet couple 🙂 I find so much joy in photographing first-time parents. One, because the smiles could not be more genuine. And two, because I hope to one day be a mother myself, and photographing new moms gives me just a tiny glimpse of the joy that I will experience as a new mother.

Kaylan, you are such a beautiful woman. I hope that all goes well in the next few days as you prepare to welcome this life into your arms 🙂

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