The Johnson/Nechman Family | Houston Family Photographer

I photographed this beautiful family of seven about a year ago. It was my first experience photographing a group of more than three people, but it proved to be a blast! Coordinating six handsome kids and one beautiful Momma to all look at the camera at the same time, not blink, and smile was a fun challenge, and I loved the results 🙂

Well, friends, the family has grown! Michelle and Scott have united their families as one, making this a family of eleven 🙂

Scott and Michelle knew each other in high school, but as high school friendships can often times go, you each venture your separate ways to create your adult self, to find a career path, to start a family. Well in this case, life brought these two back together. Michelle shared with me that Scott is the sweetest man she’s ever met, and that having Scott and his three girls become a part of her family has been wonderful. The more the merrier 🙂

Michelle, I am so happy for you, friend! May you and Scott continue to build a lasting love for each other and your now nine children 🙂

Rusty bridges and golden woods,


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