A Birthday and an Us Day [Personal]


Scott and I’s day-to-day life is pretty normal. We both leave for work at 7:00 a.m., come home at 7:00 p.m. We eat dinner together. We go to bed at 9:30. Then we wake up and do it all over again. We do it with smiles on our faces, we laugh a lot, we talk. He is my best friend, so having our routine feels pretty good ūüôā


But sometimes, life offers you little opportunities to celebrate. To celebrate friendship. To celebrate another year. To celebrate beautiful weather.


And sometimes I remember to bring my camera to¬†those¬†events, too. I’m going to make a better effort of doing that more often and posting the results here. Because really, the day-to-day is equally as, if not more, beautiful than the¬†big¬†celebrations.

2013-03-08_001 2013-03-08_002 2013-03-08_004 2013-03-08_005 2013-03-08_006 2013-03-08_009 2013-03-08_010 2013-03-08_011 2013-03-08_012 2013-03-08_013

*Photos taken at the following locations, in order of appearance: Poison Girl, Asia Society Texas Center, Eric’s House, Brasil, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

Pin ball and craft,


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