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Stop. Just — stop. The days go slow, but the weeks go fast and the months – even faster.

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Our little Maxine Gean is half a year old. Six months. I’m fascinated by how much infants change in the first year. It wasn’t but 5 months ago that this little girl didn’t even know how to smile and now that’s her favorite expression (well, other than the eyebrow face – see avocado eating photo below).

2015-09-04_0007 2015-09-04_0008 2015-09-04_0009 2015-09-04_0011 2015-09-04_0012

This girl loves playing in water. She could splash for minutes on end and be endlessly amused by her ability to make water fly. I’m convinced that is why she is such a messy eater – because she knows a bath will immediately follow.

2015-09-04_0013 2015-09-04_0014 2015-09-04_0015 2015-09-04_0016 2015-09-04_0017

We started her on solid foods at 4 months, but since hitting 6 months we have really opened the door to new foods. Maxine’s favorite foods include avocado, banana, strawberry, chicken, and a new favorite (as of tonight) – pasta.


And those eyebrows…

2015-09-04_0019 2015-09-04_0020 2015-09-04_0021

Maxine and Pixel are becoming better friends, especially with Pixel’s discovery of Maxine’s new trick – throwing food on the ground. I say “better” because from the very beginning I sense that Pixel knew she had been replaced. Her favorite spot in the house now is between me and Maxine.

2015-09-04_0023 2015-09-04_00222015-09-04_0024 2015-09-04_0025 2015-09-04_0026 2015-09-04_0027

Maxine’s favorite toys are anything she can put into her mouth, which is everything.


And her favorite finger is still her middle finger. In fact, I’m starting a new hashtag: #maxinegeansmiddlefinger





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  1. Beautiful pictures! You have captured her precious innocence and love. These pictures just melt a person’s heart. Excellent!