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Houston Family Photographer

Christmas break was a much welcome time to pause after the predictably hectic holiday season. We soaked up every minute of Maxine’s first Christmas, drank WAY too much hot chocolate, and spent not nearly enough time in our pajamas.

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After spending several days in the warmth of our families homes and embraces, Scott and I felt like we should take a few days just with our little family of three. So, we booked a cabin in the Texas Hill Country for two nights and took off for a couple of days of beautiful drives and (mostly) peaceful hikes.

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I say mostly peaceful, because just 10 minutes prior to this photo being snapped, Maxine was LOSING HER EVER LOVING MIND. The first full day we spent in the Hill Country we drove to Enchanted Rock; we have both hiked here before and knew that it would be a less difficult and shorter hike with just as much visual reward. Well, the higher we climbed, the windier and brisker it became and Maxine was NOT having it. Have you ever had a whaling, screaming baby tucked mere millimeters from your chest inside of a baby carrier? Your ear drums plugging their ears from the deafening sound? If you have, whoo. High-five sister for surviving.

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Scott and I looked at each other, said, “Some things are just WAY easier without a baby!!” (There may have been an expletive thrown in there, too.), and decided to turn around about halfway to the summit. Thankfully, we came across some large, stunning boulders that acted both as a shield from the wind and a point of interest for Maxine. Her tears stopped, the snot crusted to her face, and she pointed to the big boulder, wanting to get out and explore. Hallelujah.

Hill Country Family Photographer_20151228-0015

Ah, Peek-A-Boo. There you are, my sweet girl. So glad you came back.

Hill Country Family Photographer_20151229-0016

The next day we drove a little ways to the Hill Country State Natural Area and, having learned our lesson from the previous day, dressed more warmly, and chose a two hour hike that was perfectly timed with Maxine’s nap.

Hill Country Family Photographer_20151229-0022

Sometimes we get things right. Sometimes.

Hill Country Family Photographer_20151229-0017

Post nap, we drove into downtown Bandera for coffee at Dogleg Coffeehouse and window shopping. There’s just something so familiar and comforting about small town Texas, am I right?

Hill Country Family Photographer_20151229-0021 Hill Country Family Photographer_20151229-0020 Hill Country Family Photographer_20151229-0019 Hill Country Family Photographer_20151229-0018

Boulder and espresso,


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