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Houston Newborn Photographer

Scott and I welcomed our first baby into the world in February of this past year, a little girl, Maxine. Yes, her birthday is in 3 weeks and I am in COMPLETE denial.

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20150508-0001

We were in good company, too. I had the immense pleasure of stepping into the doors of many homes in 2015, and subsequently walking into the lives of some truly beautiful families as they exposed just a little bit of their hearts in front of my camera.

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20150508-0002

Thank you for trusting me.

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20150829-0003

Thank you for being vulnerable.

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20150829-0004

Thank you for fully embracing your new, wonderful, lovely, messy life and allowing me to do what I love.

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20150829-0005

Parenthood is so. NOT. easy.

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151014-0006

There are moments when all you can think is, “When will this kid go back to sleeeeeeeeep…..” – or – “I could have sworn that I just fed you.”

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151014-0007

But then there are softer moments cushioned all around those difficult ones that you want to nuzzle up next to forever.

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151014-0008

Like that face that he makes when he’s sound asleep.

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151014-0009

Or when Daddy holds him and the whole world seems to just stop.

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151107-0010

When you look into your loved ones eyes and think, “We can do this. We ARE doing this.”

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151107-0011

Yes, it’s those moments that as a new parent I live for.

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151111-0012

Because even when I’m ready to throw my hands up and shield my eyes from the mess,

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151111-0013

I’m learning to pause and squeeze those tender moments a few more seconds longer.

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151111-0014

And my wish for you is that you are able to do the same, even after a long night of no sleep and so. much. screaming.

Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151122-0015 Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151122-0016 Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151204-0017 Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151204-0018 Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151204-0019 Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151204-0020 Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151204-0021 Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151204-0022 Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151221-0023 Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151221-0024 Houston Texas Newborn Photographer-20151221-0025View More: http://thefreckledkeyphotography.pass.us/scarlettsimsView More: http://thefreckledkeyphotography.pass.us/scarlettsimsView More: http://thefreckledkeyphotography.pass.us/quincyhadamikView More: http://thefreckledkeyphotography.pass.us/quincyhadamikView More: http://thefreckledkeyphotography.pass.us/lincolnhatfieldView More: http://thefreckledkeyphotography.pass.us/lincolnhatfield

Thank you for letting me freeze time for you.

Peach fuzz and swaddles,


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