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Well, we are nearing the end of January 2017, friends. I didn’t really have a chance to plan out my year like I have done in years past. I blame this one:

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But! I did have to time to write down a word for the year, something I do every year, to set the tone for the next 12 months. My word this year is, “STEADY.” I want my business to grow, but steadily. I want my heart and my mind to be more “steady” and less reactionary (which unfortunately is going to mean a switch to decaf coffee, I’m afraid…).

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I am prone to compare myself (especially my business) to all the other working moms out there that appear (emphasis on APPEAR) to be knocking it out far more quickly than I am. Which leads me to feel angsty and want to do all the things RIGHT NOW, which then lends itself to more irritability with Maxine rather than presence with her and meeting her needs.

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Can you relate?

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A dear friend of ours came for a visit this last weekend and brought Maxine a book, one that I’ve had my eyes on for a few months now, called In My Heart. It’s a book about feelings – all the feelings. Anger, happiness, fear, contentedness, sadness, etc. I read it with Maxine last night and the very last line of the book asks, “How does YOUR heart feel today?” I pointed to Maxine and she said with a kind, cheerful voice and a grin, “I feels GOOD.”

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Man. Instant tears. Her feeling good means I feel great. And steady. And peaceful. I want to be more in tune with my feelings this year so that I can adequately and responsibly convey them to my daughter, giving her the language for her feelings, too. We all need to be a little more aware of our own hearts so that we can see pain and joy in others and take care of their hearts, too.

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Are you with me?

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How does YOUR heart feel today? Leave me a comment below, or give me a shout on Instagram (@thefreckledkey).


Big hearts and full baths,



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