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I don’t know if it’s my introverted soul.


Or because my parents always stepped in as my listening ears.


But, whatever the reason, it has taken me a very long time to be okay with opening up to others outside of my parents and my husband, …

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Houston Family Photographer

Christmas break was a much welcome time to pause after the predictably hectic holiday season. We soaked up every minute of Maxine’s first Christmas, drank WAY too much hot chocolate, and spent not nearly enough time in our pajamas.

Hill Country Family Photographer_20151228-0012

After spending several days in the warmth of …

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September 11th, though it marks a dark day in recent American history, is also the day when we celebrate the birth of my dear friends, Emily and Julie. And for the past three years or so I have had the pleasure of doing what I LOVE to do to help …

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My brother texted me a few days before his wife’s birthday asking if I would help him bake her birthday cake. He would buy the ingredients, bring them over to my kitchen, and I would help him bake her cake. Well, I’m certainly down for teaching people how to bake …

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One of my hobbies, as some of you know, is baking. Cooking – meh. But, oh, how I love to bake! Especially cakes.


Even better than baking cakes, though, is baking cakes to celebrate friends. When asked to bake a cake for my friend, Kate’s, surprise birthday gathering I knew …

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