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I arrived at Jack’s home a couple of minutes early and, to his parents surprise, he was still sleeping. Which, I’m thinking, means he will still be snuggled up in his pajamas when he wakes, most likely a little hungry and wanting some extra cuddles. All of which are the …

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Stop. Just — stop. The days go slow, but the weeks go fast and the months – even faster.

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Our little Maxine Gean is half a year old. Six months. I’m fascinated by how much infants change in the first year. It wasn’t but 5 months ago that this little …

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It has become an annual tradition to go strawberry picking in the spring at Froberg’s Farm in Alvin, TX. I was thrilled to bring a dear friend, Rebekah, along when she came down for a visit from Seattle!


Maxine was sporting her strawberry hat, of course.

2015-05-05_0001  2015-05-05_0004 2015-05-05_0005 2015-05-05_0006 2015-05-05_0007 2015-05-05_0008 2015-05-05_0009 2015-05-05_0010

Don’t worry, she didn’t …

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This year is a year of many firsts. We had our first baby in February (shortly after my first pregnant Valentine’s Day), and with each month comes a new “first” to celebrate. This was Maxine’s first Easter.


No, Maxine did not up and start walking and grow hair – this …

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